Alan Cameron's Gallery

"Taj Mahal" by Alan Cameron ARPS
"Twelve Kitchen"
"Val Ferret"
"Fairy Pools"
"Wheel & Tower"


In 1969 my father gave me a little Zeiss camera which I took to Germany on my first foreign holiday. I had no light meter and so had to use the guide on the ones of Kodachrome 25. I came back from Germany with some decent images and a new girlfriend. I no longer use film but the girlfriend and I have been married for 49 years!

Iím often asked what sort of a photographer I am and the most common answer I give is that Iím a magpie. If something is bright colourful and I like it then Iíll take its photograph.

Over the years I have travelled a lot and many of my images come from trips, all of them now for leisure, though even when I worked I always carried a camera on business trips.

I achieved my LRPS in the early 2000s with a panel of monochrome prints created in the darkroom and many years later I achieved my ARPS in Documentary Photography for a project following Twelve Restaurant recovering from Lockdown.

For now Iíll just continue to collect images and have fun.