Our Programme.

Changes to the original issue of the printed Syllabus Booklet are shown in green.

The programme below has been compiled on the assumption that the Society will once again be meeting in our usual cubroom. In the event that Covid-19 restrictions prevent face-to-face meetings, the programme will be adapted for a virtual platform.

Date Event
Sep 2nd 2021 Meeting postponed until September 23rd
Sep 9th 2021 "Sports Photography Part 2" - George Franks
Sep 16th 2021 "An Evening with" - Phil Hodson DPAGB EFIAP BPE1* (via Zoom)
Sep 23rd 2021 Review of the Year - Roger Goodwill. (Postponed from September 2nd)
Sep 30th 2021 55th AGM (postponed from June 2021
1st Competition : Final hand-in PDI-1 images
Oct 7th 2021 "Another Time, Another Place" - Wayne Brittle
Oct 14th 2021 Set Subject 1 - "A Bird/Animal in the Garden"
Oct 21st 2021 Results of the 1st Competition : PDI-1
Judge: James Hardy LRPS CPAGB
Oct 28th 2021 "An Evening with" - Adrian Almond
Nov 4th 2021"An Evening with" - Graham Currey
2nd Competition : Final hand-in Print-1 images
Nov 11th 2021 Image Appraisal Evening / Presentation Evening
Nov 18th 2021 "The Italian Lakes - Part 1" - Keith Barber FIScT CPAGB LRPS
Nov 24th 2021 (Wed) The 5-Way Battle (Hosts: Garstang CC - via Zoom)
Judge: Erica Oram CPAGB AFIAP BPE3*
Nov 25th 2021 Results of the 2nd Competition : Print-1
Judge: David Butler MFIAP MPSA ARPS BPE5* Hon LCPU
Dec 2nd 2021 "Iceland in Summer" - Dave Bibby EFIAP CPAGB BPE3*
Dec 9th 2021 "The Italian Lakes - Part 2" - Keith Barber FIScT CPAGB LRPS
3rd Competition : Final Hand-in PDI-2 images
Dec 16th 2021 Christmas Social
Dec 23rd 2021 No Meeting - Merry Christmas
Dec 30th 2021 No Meeting - Happy New Year
Jan 6th 2022 Results of the 3rd Competition - PDI-2
Judge : Keith R Barber FIScT CPAGB LRPS
Jan 13th 2022 RAW Image Interpretation Evening
Jan 20th 2022 The Members Present
Jan 27th 2022 Set Subject 2 - "Shadows"
4th Competition : Final Hand-in Print-2 images
Feb 3rd 2022 "CUBA - More than just Cocktails, Cigars & Vintage Cars"
- Jane Lines MPAGB LRPS BPE5*
Feb 10th 2022 "A 50 Year Retrospective"
- Tillman Kleinhans ARPS EFIAP/g DPAGB BPE4* Hon LCPU
Feb 17th 2022 Results of the 4th Competition - Print-2
Judge: Jeremy Malley-Smith LRPS DPAGB BPE2*
AV Competition : Final Hand-in
Feb 24th 2022 Annual AV Competition
Judge: Dr Alistair Parker
Mar 3rd 2022 "California and the Golden West" - George Steele CPAGB LRPS BPE2*
Mar 10th 2022 "Tell a Story in 5 Images" Challenge
Mar 17th 2022 "Scottish Wildlife" - Jeremy Malley-Smith LRPS DPAGB BPE2*
5th Competition : Final Hand-in PDI-3 images
Mar 24th 2022 "Ever Changing Perspectives" - Kathryn J Scorah MPAGB FBPE AFIAP
Mar 31st 2022 "Soul to Soul - Part 1 (Street Photography and Creative Photography)"
- Paul Slatter CPAGB AFIAP
Apr 7th 2022 Results of the 5th Competition - PDI-3
Judge: Ian Whiston DPAGB EFIAP/g ABPE
Apr 14th 2022 Maundy Thursday - Enjoy the Easter Break
Apr 21st 2022 Chairman's Evening
Apr 28th 2022 Set Subject 3 - "Contrast"
6th Competition : Final Hand-in Print-3 images
May 5th 2022 "Arizona to Alcatraz" - Paul Williamson LRPS
May 12th 2022 Results of the 6th Competition : Print-3
Judge: Colin Douglas ARPS DPAGB AFIAP BPE4*
May 19th 2022 The PPS Photographic Outing
May 26th 2022 "The Nature Group Presents"
Jun 2nd 2022 No meeting - Annual Exhibition set up
Jun 3rd 2022 (Friday) 55th Annual Exhibition opens
Jun 6th 2022 (Monday) Presentation Evening
Jun 9th 2022 56th Annual General Meeting & PPS Photographic Outing Images
Jun 11th 2022 (Saturday) Exhibition closes
  Summer Break
Saturday 20th Aug -
Friday 2nd Sep 2022
Summer Exhibition in Poulton Library, including Residents' Competition
Sep 1st 2022 Another Season Begins

NB (P) = Prints : (PDI) = Projected Digital Images