Our Programme.

Changes to the original issue of the printed Syllabus Booklet are shown in green.

Date Event
Aug 26th - Sep 9th 2017 Summer Exhibition in Poulton Library, including Residents' Competition
Sep 7th 2017 Review of the Year - Roger Goodwill. Start of new season proper
Sep 14th 2017 "The Waylandscape" - Gary Waidson DPAGB HND
Sep 21st 2017 “Astrophotography with a Digital Camera” - Andrew Johnson
1st Competition : PDI-1 entries due
Sep 28th 2017 L&CPU Print Folio
Oct 5th 2017 Photo Challenge 1 - "Towns & Cities"
Oct 12th 2017 "Using Lightroom" - Steve Cushing EFIAP BPE2*
Oct 19th 2017 Results of the 1st Competition : PDI-1
Judge : Mr Jim Cunningham
Oct 26th 2017 Image Appraisal Evening - bring your images to be reviewed
2nd Competition : Print-1 entries due
Nov 2nd 2017 "The Lucky Dragon" -
Margaret Salisbury FRPS MFIAP FIPF APAGB FSITTP FSINWP AWPF (sponsored by Fotospeed)
Nov 9th 2017 L&CPU Print Folio
Nov 16th 2017 The 5-Way Battle (Poulton Hosting)
Judge : Nick Hilton EFIAP DPAGB BPE5*
Nov 23rd 2017 Results of the 2nd Competition : Print-1
Judge : Mr Dave Bibby EFIAP CPAGB BPE3*
Nov 30th 2017 "People and Mountains of the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan" - Boyd Harris
3rd Competition : PDI-2 entries due
Dec 7th 2017 "Lake District Landscape Photography" - Adrian Almond
Dec 14th 2017 Christmas Social - Venue : Singleton Lodge
Dec 21st 2017 No Meeting - Enjoy Your Christmas
Dec 28th 2017 No Meeting - Happy New Year
Jan 4th 2018 Workshop Evening
Jan 11th 2018 Results of the 3rd Competition - PDI-2
Judge : Mr Paul King CPAGB
Jan 18th 2018 "Street Photography" - Alf Myers
4th Competition : Print-2 entries due
Jan 25th 2018 "The Long Road South" - Justin Garner
Feb 1st 2018 Photo Challenge 2 - "Action / Movement"
Feb 8th 2018 L&CPU Print Folio
Feb 15th 2018 Annual AV Competition : Judge Henry Mullarkey
Feb 22nd 2018 Results of the 4th Competition - Print-2
Judge : Mr Ken Ainscough DPAGB BPE4*
Mar 1st 2018 "The Bebington Salon 2018" - Bob Dennis APAGB CPAGB AFIAP BPE4*
5th Competition : PDI-3 entries due
Mar 8th 2018 Triptych Challenge
Mar 15th 2018 "An Evening with David Nightingale" from www.chromasia.com
Mar 22nd 2018 "Nature, Far & and Near" - Trevor Davenport ARPS DPAGB BPE4*
Mar 29th 2018 Maundy Thursday - Enjoy the Easter Break
Apr 5th 2018 Results of the 5th Competition - PDI-3
Judge : Mr Andy Airnes
Apr 12th 2018 Chairman's Evening
6th Competition : Print-3 entries due
Apr 19th 2018 Photo Challenge 3 - "People"
Apr 26th 2018 "My Eye in the Sky" (Drone Photography) - Ian Stewart ARPS DPAGB
May 3rd 2018 Battle of the Sexes
May 10th 2018 Results of the 6th Competition : Print-3
Judge : Mr Jeremy Malley-Smith LRPS DPAGB BPE2*
May 17th 2018 "The Nature Group Presents" -
A Selection of Work From Our Own Membership
May 24th 2018 PPS Photographic Outing (venue TBC)
May 31st 2018 The Members Present - what we've been photographing
Exhibition set up
Jun 1st 2018 (Friday) Exhibition Opens
Jun 4th 2018 (Monday) Presentation Evening
Jun 7th 2018 "Images from our Trip Days" - Dave McCulloch
Jun 9th 2018 (Saturday) Exhibition closes
Jun 14th 2018 Annual General Meeting
  Summer Break
Aug 18th - Aug 31st 2018 Summer Exhibition in Poulton Library, including Residents' Competition
Sep 6th 2018 Another Season Begins

NB (P) = Prints : (PDI) = Projected Digital Images