Our Programme.

Changes to the original issue of the printed Syllabus Booklet are shown in green.

Date Event
Jul 30th - Aug 13th 2016 Summer Exhibition in Poulton Library, including Residents' Competition
Aug 25th 2016 New Members' Meeting - come along to learn more about the Society
Sep 1st 2016 Review of the Year - Roger Goodwill. Start of new season proper
Sep 8th 2016 Alan Angel FRPS - "Portraiture"
Sep 15th 2016 “My Journey to a Master of Arts in Photography”
Colin Jarvis MA Photo PGCE ARPS
Sep 22nd 2016 Workshop Evening - Tell us what you'd like to know
1st Competition : PDI-1 entries due
Sep 29th 2016 L&CPU Portfolio - Mixed
Oct 6th 2016 Photo Challenge 1 - "Work" (Monochrome ONLY
Oct 13th 2016 Martin Berry LRPS - "Lantern Slide Collection"
Oct 20th 2016 Results of the 1st Competition : PDI-1
Judge : Mr Mike Davis
Oct 27th 2016 John Barton ARPS - "My Way with Digital Monochrome"
2nd Competition : Print-1 entries due
Nov 3rd 2016 Jane (MPAGB LRPS BPE5*) & Adrian (MPAGB FBPE ARPS) Lines
"Two of Chorley's Best!"
Nov 9th 2016 (Wednesday) Five-Way Battle : Garstang Camera Club to host
7-30 pm at Garstang Arts Centre
Nov 10th 2016 L&CPU Portfolio - Mixed
Nov 17th 2016 "Open Night" - Tell us what you've been doing or working on recently
Nov 24th 2016 Results of the 2nd Competition : Print-1
Judge : Mr John Fletcher CPAGB
Dec 1st 2016 "The Life and Photography of Jamie Rowlands LRPS"
3rd Competition : PDI-2 entries due
Dec 8th 2016 Photo Challenge 2 - "After Dark"
Dec 15th 2016 Christmas Social - Venue : Our Clubroom
Dec 22nd 2016 No Meeting - Enjoy Your Christmas
Dec 29th 2016 No Meeting - Happy New Year
Jan 5th 2017 Results of the 3rd Competition - PDI-2
Judge : Mr Simon Ray LRPS BPE2*
Jan 12th 2017 Boyd Harris - "People and Mountains around Dhaulagiri, Nepal" :
4th Competition : Print-2 entries due
Jan 19th 2017 Triptych Competition (P&PDI) : Judge TBA"
Jan 26th 2017 Adrian McGarry - "Pixel Painted Art"
Feb 2nd 2017 L&CPU Portfolio - Mixed
Feb 9th 2017 Results of the 4th Competition - Print-2
Judge : Mr Alf Myers
Feb 16th 2017 Kitty & Geoff Walsh - "Florida and its Nature"
5th Competition : PDI-3 entries due
Feb 23rd 2017 AV Competition :
Judge : Julie England ARPS DPAGB AV-AFIAP BPE2*
Mar 2nd 2017 Les Forrester BA Hons Photo, ARPS AFIAP DPAGB BPE2*
"A Genre Too Far"
Mar 9th 2017 Mr and Mrs Sharp
"Spellbound Productions" - A Selection of their Superb Movies
Mar 16th 2017 Workshop Evening - "Tell us what you'd like to know"
Mar 23rd 2017 Results of the 5th Competition : PDI-3
Judge : Mr Norman Thompson DPAGB LBIPP
Mar 30th 2017 Chairman's Evening
6th Competition : Print-3 entries due
Apr 6th 2017 Nick Hilton EFIAP DPAGB BPE5* - "An Evening With"
Apr 13th 2017 Maundy Thursday - No Meeting : Enjoy Your Easter"
Apr 20th 2017 Photo Challenge 3 - "Dawn and/or Dusk"
Apr 27th 2017 "Bebbington Salon Images" - Bob Dennis APAGB CPAGB AFIAP BPE4
May 4th 2017 Results of the 6th Competition : PDI-3
Judge : Mr Nick Hilton EFIAP DPAGB BPE5*
May 11th 2017 Battle of the Sexes
May 18th 2017 "The Nature Group Presents
A Selection of Work From Our Own Membership"
May 25th 2017 "Open Night" - Tell Us What You've Been Doing or Working On Recently
Jun 1st 2017 "Images from the PPS Trips" - Dave McCulloch
Exhibition set up
Jun 2nd 2017 (Friday) Exhibition opens in the Masonic Hall
Jun 5th 2017 (Monday) Presentation Evening
Jun 8th 2017 David Crabtree - "Mainly Monochrome"
Jun 10th 2017 (Saturday) Exhibition closes
Jun 15th 2017 Annual General Meeting
  Summer Break
Aug 26th - Sept 9th 2017 Summer Exhibition in Poulton Library, including Residents' Competition
Aug 31st 2017 Informal Meeting for New Members
Sep 7th 2017 Another Season Starts

NB (P) = Prints : (PDI) = Projected Digital Images