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BPE Successes 2017

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Competition Acceptances Awards
22nd Shrewsbury Salon - 11th August 3 acceptances
Beyond Group 2017 - 17th August 5 acceptances
Winchester Salon - 26th July 2 acceptances Alan Duggan : Certificate of Merit
SRGB 2017 - 23rd July 4 acceptances Kean Brown: Certificate
Kean Brown: Ribbon
Kean Brown: SRGB Keyring
Neath Salon - 6th June 4 acceptances
Cotswolds Salon - 26th May 7 acceptances Kean Brown: Highly Commended
Tom Richardson: Certificate of Merit
Robin Hood Salon - 24th May 6 acceptances Kean Brown: Commended
Rushden Salon - 26th April 6 acceptances
South Birmingham - 19th March 7 acceptances Kean Brown: PAGB Ribbon
Vale of Evesham - 13th March 8 acceptances Kean Brown: Selector's Award
Basingstoke Open - 9th March 8 acceptances
Clay Cross 2017 - 23rd February 4 acceptances
Southport Open Exhibition - 22nd February 19 acceptances Tom Richardson: Gold Medal and Marshall Shield
Tom Richardson: Selector's Medal
Alan Storey: Certificate
39th Solihull Open - 30th January 2017 5 acceptances