FIAP Competitions.

FIAP Successes 2015-16

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Competition Acceptances Awards
Mersin Print Salon, Turkey - 26th Mar3 acceptances Tom Richardson: Ribbon
Riedesheim Print Salon, France - 14th Mar2 acceptances
Southampton Print Salon - 7th Mar5 acceptances
Port Talbot - 5th Mar3 acceptances
Ruzomberok Print Salon, Slovakia - 29th Feb5 acceptances Tom Richardson: FIAP Bronze Medal
Tom Richardson: FIAP Ribbon
Singidunum Print Salon, Serbia - 23rd Feb6 acceptances Tom Richardson: FIAP Ribbon
Tom Richardson: Salon Ribbon
Festicolor Print Salon, Belgium - 14th Feb3 acceptances
MIROC Circuit - 13th Jan 201623 acceptances
Al-Thani Print Awards, Austria - 11th Dec4 acceptances
Tallaght, Ireland - 25th Nov5 acceptances Tom Richardson: Judges Medal
Tom Richardson: FIAP Ribbon
Northern Counties - 27th Sep3 acceptances
Photoclub 202 Circuit, Serbia - 27th May45 acceptances Geoff Smith: FIAP Gold
Geoff Smith: FIAP Gold
Geoff Smith: Salon Bronze
Geoff Smith: Highly Commended
Geoff Smith: Highly Commended
Midland Salon - 4th May4 acceptances
Southampton - 10th Mar7 acceptances Tom Richardson: Silver Medal & Best Landscape
Geoff Smith: SCC Certificate
Strom Print Salon, Slovakia - 28th Feb5 acceptances
Singidunum Print Salon, Serbia - 22nd Feb7 acceptances Tom Richardson: Salon Ribbon
Tom Richardson: Salon Ribbon
Bristol Salon - 18th Feb3 acceptances
Green Eye International - 17th Feb2 acceptances
Port Talbot International - 16th Feb4 acceptances Geoff Smith: Highly Commended
Podgorica Montenegro - 15th Feb5 acceptances
Reidisheim Print Salon, France - 10th Feb4 acceptances
Reflet Mondial Print Salon, Belgium - 5th Feb4 acceptances
Maitland Print Salon, Australia - 5th Feb7 acceptances Tom Richardson: Certificate of Merit
Photo Art International, Prague - 22nd Jan1 acceptance
Kumanovo Salon, Macedonia - 6th Jan 20158 acceptances Geoff Smith: Salon Ribbon
Geoff Smith: Salon Ribbon